Our Story

Have you ever looked at your closet in despair or envied celebrities that have a team of stylists to create every look?

Look No Further!

The Closets Fix isn’t just about looking good but feeling good too. Our style experts can help you turn your wardrobe into a fashionable closet, all within your budget.


TCF owes its origins to a common sentiment faced by many — “I have a stuffed wardrobe, but nothing to wear!”

Founder Smmriti Dhannuka, a fashion expert and working mother herself, would struggle to put together a stylish look for social events after a long tiring day. This made her wonder, “what would it be like to get the perfect look at the click of a button?”

A by-chance conversation with Aditi Podar, who beat the struggle with body image issues and was looking for a way to empower other women with the right styling tools; led to the idea of ‘The Closets Fix’ – a holistic styling platform to work with every individual as per their body, needs, budget, and closet requirements.


Smmriti Dhannuka has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry after completing her graduation from the London College of Fashion. Her knowledge, working alongside renowned brands such as Armani, Guru, Roxy, Myntra, Chemistry, and Desi Belle, among others, has proven to be invaluable concerning fashion technicalities, fabric understanding, and clothing visualization.

Aditi Podar is a Chartered Accountant and energy healer who understands the need for efficiency and budget-friendly solutions that prioritize joy and emotional health. She believes that everyone has an individual style, regardless of their body type, shape or size. It just needs to be nurtured correctly to make it shine.

Shop smart. Look good. Feel great.